Storage Units



6ft x 8ft

The perfect size for miscellaneous household and apartment items and boxes. 


6ft x 10ft or 5ft x 10ft

A good size for a few pieces of furniture, boxes or garage items.


5ft x 16ft

Typically this will be a good fit for a one bedroom apartment. 


10ft x 12ft or 11ft x 12ft

Consider this size for 1 to 2 bedroom house or apartment, garage items such as tools, lawn mower and snow blower.


11ft x 20ft or 11ft x 22ft

Our largest size is perfect for a car or truck or 3-4 bedroom home.

Climate Controlled Units Available 

Depending on what you have, you can choose indoor or outdoor storage. Both are spacious and in perfect condition. They are clean and well maintained. You can be sure your belongings will not be tampered with in any way.

Due to the extreme climate we live in, not all items should be stored in an outdoor unit. This is why we also have a climate controlled facility. This means that whatever that you leave with us, it will not be damaged in the event that the weather changes.

There is always someone who is on the premises. They will show you around when you are ready. They will help you decide what storage solution is best for your needs. Call day or night if you have any questions.


Security Features

Full Detection

Each of the storage units is covered just to make sure that they are always watched. There is no way therefore that someone unauthorized would get into your unit without being detected.


Surveillance cameras are located throughout the facility, both inside and outside. A guard is always monitoring the surveillance computer to help ensure everything you store here stays secure.

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