Care and Maintenance

During the winter season, snow accumulates around the units to a point that you cannot get your stuff in or out. There is no need to worry as we offer snow removal services. We will ensure that the place is clean and accessible whenever you need it.

The grounds-men also remove the accumulated snow once in a while so that it does not get too messy.

As a way of avoiding the units from getting too damp, the floors have a ventilation mechanism that keeps the conditions indoors controlled. This is an excellent ventilation system as it does not allow foreign materials into your unit. It also does not require opening and closing; it automatically regulates itself.

Mid adult man (30s) standing in moving truck, moving boxes.


Cannot find the right moving company to hire? No need to worry as we will sort that out for you. We also offer truck services to help you move your things to or from the facility. This is quite convenient as it is readily available and is affordable too.

Portrait of a happy mature male industrial worker driving forklift at workplace

Forklift Service

Some of the things cannot be lifted by mere hands. This is the reason why we have forklift services for the very heavy stuff. Additionally, if you want your belongings to be sent to you after you have left, it is still okay with us.